Whitley Bay Comrades Club is home to the Comancheros Country Club and their music nights are held on the first Saturday of every month and have special guest artistes at every show. The  Club also hosts Cabaret Nights which are held on the third Saturday of every month and also have special guest artistes at every show. Shows start at 7:30pm. Entrance by ticket only at £5.  (Except Next New Year’s Eve. Price £15 – Includes hot and cold Xmas buffet)

Date 2019 Comancheros Country Club Nights 

Cabaret Nights

7th Dec Jim Clarke
21st Dec Glen Coates
24th Dec 2pm – 6pm. Xmas Eve afternoon Party and buffet with Dave Weston entertaining
31st  Dec Dave Weston




Comancheros Country Club Nights


First Saturday each Month 

Cabaret Nights (50s, 60s, etc) third Saturday each month and some Sunday Afternoons

04th Jan Jonny & Lynette  
11th  Jan   Private Party (Jim Henry)
18th Jan   TBA
25th Jan   Games Night
01st Feb Tanya Turner  
15th Feb   TBA
07th Mar George McIntosh  
15th Mar

Sunday 2pm

  Janie St John

Centenary Celebration

21st Mar   TBA
04th Apr Moat Brothers  
12th Apr

Sunday 2pm

  Steve Place

(Roy Orbison Tribute)

18th Apr   TBA
02nd May Pete Jones  
10th May

Sunday 2pm

  Dixon J Scott
16th May   TBA
06th June Brian Gibson  
20th June   TBA
04th July Phil Johnston  
18th July   TBA
01st Aug Hayley Sisters  
15th Aug   TBA
05th Sep Billy Davies  
19th Sep   TBA
03rd Oct Clear Cut  
17th Oct   TBA
07th Nov ZENNE  
21st Nov   TBA
29th Nov

Sunday 2pm

  Lainey West

Karren Carpenter Tribute

05th Dec Honky Tonkin  
19th Dec   TBA
24th Dec

Thurs 2pm

  Xmas Eve Buffet

Entertainment by ?????

31st Dec   Jeff Wright


Wednesday Night Talk-Ins at the Comrades start at 8pm.   Admission Usually Free.

Date Subject Speaker
08th Jan    
12th Feb TBA Prof. John Derry
11th Mar    
08th Apr    
14th May    
11th June    
08th July    
12th Aug TBA Prof. John Derry
09th Sep    
07th Oct TBA Prof. John Derry
11th Nov    
09th Dec    



Tickets are available from the Club priced at £3.50 which includes a Pie and Pea supper.

Tuesday Nights: 7:30pm         17th Dec


Bingo, Spin the Wheel, Domino Cards, Raffle, etc.

Saturday Nights: 7:30pm     25th January 2020

TEXAS HOLDEM POKER  -  Every Thursday Night 7:00 pm.

Come along and join in with other club members.  We usually have two games during the course of the evening at £5 entry per game.


January 2020 TBA